Svea – And the majestic Van Mijenfjorden

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The majestic Van Mijenfjorden



Day trip with scooter to Svea.

Svea is a closed Norwegian mining community at the heart of Van Mijenfjorden. Svea is surrounded by magical Arctic nature such as mountains, sea and glaciers. A place to find Arctic peace of mind. Svea is located 45 km to the airline (about 60 km to the foot / scooter) south of Longyearbyen by Van Mijenfjorden with peaks like Torellfjellet and Gustavfjellet as neighbors.

Difficulty:Medium Price:

  • Minimum 2 scooters, max 6 Scooters
  • 2995 kr incl lunch
  • Passenger 1690 kr. incl. Lunch

We recommend that everyone drives their own snowmobile; this is easier than driving with a passenger. This trip is dependent on weather and ice conditions, especially early and late in the season, as well as a minimum number of participants. Included: Transport to and from hotels, Touring snowmobile and fuel, A snowmobile suit, boots, mittens, helmet, goggles and balaclava, An expedition lunch, hot drinks and biscuits, Search and Rescue Insurance. A local and experienced guide with a snowmobile and safety equipment Recommended: We recommend you wear warm clothing, On colder days an extra set of gloves as a liner to our mittens, A mid-layer consisting of a sweater and pants in fleece or wool is advisable, Down jackets, or other heavily insulated clothing, are not recommended beneath the snowmobile suit. Our snowmobiles do not have a storage compartment, so a small backpack could be useful for cameras, extra jackets, and other small items Essential: A base-layer of wool or an equivalent is essential , A valid driving license for a car or motorcycle must be carried during the whole trip Total distance:Approximately 120 km Total driving time:Approximately 5  hours Pickup:At your location at approximately 08:30.


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